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Wesley College Colombo

(Established March 2, 1874)

  The School Song  

Boys of Wesley through the land
Wesley Boys together stand
Bound by one fraternal band
Band of double blue
Wave our colours high and free
Wesley forward steadily
From victory to victory
Wesley to the fore

Past and present kindly meet
Each the other proudly greet
Hearts ne'er cool that once have beat
Neath the double blue
And when Wesley's call shall sound
Ready aye shall all be found
In duty and in honour bound
Wesley to the fore

We'll do our best in mart or hall
We'll do our best with bat or ball
Taking cool what e'er befall
Pray and labour on
And for our dear land we'd be
Men of grit and industry
Honour bright and loyalty
Wesley to the fore

      Composed by:

Mr. HJVI Ekanayake

For Membership and other information please contact:

Azahim  020 8952 2105
Lhahir  07779 659 164
Nalin  07703 175 481
Tharanga  07956 626 337

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M.I.M Lhahir (Secretary)
Telephone:  020 8801 0245
Mobile:  0777 9659 164

96 Reedham Close,
Jarrow Road

London N17 9PT


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