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feedback received:
May 31st 2010
05:18:38 AM

Anuradha Liyanage
When were you at Wesley? 2006

Being far away from ma mother land, its no longer im lonely.. Because same brotherhood who fought for double blue victory are with me..
Itz so proud to be Old Wesleyite and also its great honour to take part in OBUK..
I will keep taging up my al friends to obuk who lives in Uk..
Wesley to the fore.....

Hi Guys,
Good work on the U.K. OBU page. I was very impressed with the photo gallery, it brought back plenty of memories, and unashamedly quite a few tears. The song that accompanied all the nostalgia was very fitting for the insight, and backdrop of all our great alumni we can now only treasure as memories. I hope we can move away from meaningless obdurate baggage; having more assuage that will enable us to embrace what's left of our short time. I would like to send you guys some photos of those who are not in your list if that is ok. I understand that Bunny Taylor is one of the computer geeks involved in setting up this new site: regards and best wishes to him as well.

Keep up the good work, and more importantly keep in touch. " When we see men of a contrary character, we should turn inwards and examine ourselves".
Ray de Run.

May 5th 2010
12:20:21 AM

Guys this is a really good effort on your part. I was very impressed with the photo gallery especially since myself "handsome" was included.
It did unashamedly bring a few tears to my eyes. Alumnus of those no more does bring back many memories. Keep up the good work!

Men's natures are alike, it is their habits that carry them far apart.

Ray de Run ( Allu to some)

April 30th 2010
10:39:49 PM

My Best wishes to the OBU UK branch

Jabez Joseph

March 8th 2010
08:22:51 AM

This is a great website, and the content is wonderful!

Santhusht de Silva

February 23rd 2010
12:19:49 AM

A great site of WC OBU UK. Good presentation of Wesley College & the best way to keep past & present students in contact.
I read the comments of my classmates:- Bunty.T, Azahim.M, & that of Peter.C.C.
Sad, Chinaman Shee, Norman.A, Chitran.S, Eeaswaran, Vijith.K & some otheres are no more with us.
Ora et Labora from the "Eifel mountains of Germany".
Do keep in touch.

Daya Winslow WijaRatnam

February 10th 2010
04:58:05 AM

I came from Royal to Wesley for one year only. My father was at Wesley during the time of Revd. Highfield and my grandfather also attended Wesley.
I would very much like to contact Dr Derek de Silva who was my contemporary.

Ranjit Ameresekere

February 9th 2010
08:54:22 AM

Ever Grateful to Wesley College Colombo.Proud member Wesley College OBU UK.

Ahamed Azahim Mohamed

February 20th 2007
09:11:11 PM



February 14th 2007
07:46:23 AM

It's a pleasure to text my words on this golden website.. As Wesleyites we have a excellent bond, pride....

Rex William

February 19th 2006
05:51:41 AM

Great website! I really enjoyed my visit :)


November 26th 2005
01:15:50 PM


P.Harindranathan (HARI)

September 11th 2005
10:43:25 AM

Great to see all those photos of WCC. Certainly took my memories back to the olden days!
Keep it up.

fazal kamaldeen

August 27th 2005
05:13:50 PM

Hi guys, nice to have seen those pictures of the school again, I think I know some of you guys who have posted here I wish there were some more pictures of the school

Rohitha Bibile

July 30th 2005
10:12:17 AM

It's a great site. I love my College very much. visit : www.wesleycollege.org. All the best.

Shameen Ghouse

July 9th 2005
04:45:35 AM

yao sup ma homeboizzzz............ tell u wa had best time in ma life at wesley. dat waz superb guys. wish i waz still dare ba hey still got sum good memories.... ma friends were dinesh sean sheahm gaouse shanil chanaka mail me if u got dis message. im livin in uk now so ora et labora. ( is mapa da pina now)

Morris Perera

June 19th 2005
09:33:40 PM

Wesley is the best school I have ever seen in my life. And that is because I have gain a bunch of experiences and have learnt a lot from the tutorial staff of Wesley. I love my school for ever..............

Nooranie Muthaliph

June 6th 2005
05:52:41 AM

Ever so grateful to Wesley College.


April 25th 2005
05:09:11 AM

hey this is the 1st time i have acces and very happy to see that Wesley College is doing very well in all, and i wish all the best.

Mohamed Abdul Najeeb Ajward

March 3rd 2005
09:39:48 AM

I think it's good if you add a chess link also

Mark Wineman

February 15th 2005
11:09:46 AM

Hey guys
now we have an e-club for us. so take a minute to go to www.hi5.com, register yourself and then join "WESLEYITES" club. believe me it's awesome.


October 19th 2004
09:06:32 AM

Greetings to all and congratulations.


G.Iranjan C. S. Gajasinghe

October 3rd 2004
09:04:34 PM

Hello Saman,
Please support the school. You shouldn't expect a lot for Rs 25 per month & a Rs 50,000 admission fee.



September 24th 2004
01:56:57 AM

I am glad that I visited this site today cos it shows how strong our OBU in UK and how active it has become over the past 10 years.Well Done! I wish if the OBU could help to upgrade the facilies in College to improove standards of the college so that parents feel better on money they spent on children's education.And please monitor whats hapening to the efforts put in by you(OBU UK).

Saman Jayasena

August 24th 2004
04:22:54 AM

Living in Sydney. Hi to all at OBU UK.
There are over 100 old boys living in Sydney. Pls feel free to contact. Regards to Ranjith Rosa, Deva & others.

Gamini de Silva Kulasuriya

June 28th 2004
02:11:02 PM

Great Website - very interesting and brings back golden memories of College days. Congrats Ranjith Rosa and the very efficient OBU in UK.

Rohan Jayetileke

April 12th 2004
09:50:21 AM

my congradulations to fellow wesleyites in UK. Well i had a wonderful time at Wesley. Thats an awsome experince; I love Wesley "Ora Et Labora"

Shameen Ghouse

January 27th 2004
10:38:05 AM

my congradulations to fellow wesleyites in UK. i hope to come down to UK (kingston university) for my further studies in Aeronautical Engineering. Hope to meet u guys there probably late September 04.
Well i had a wonderful time at Wesley. Thats an awsome experince; have nice memories to share with those who have the "wesley way of life"

Naveen T. Kodikara

December 13th 2003
08:45:37 PM

Great site, recognize some of the names which brings back some great memories.

Dilrukshan "Dilu" de Alwis

November 13th 2003
07:57:25 AM

great site....hope it will be updated regulary so that all the wesleyites will be updated all the time...keep up the good work...!!! ora et labora

Sarith Fernando

October 9th 2003
10:30:26 AM

Greetings from Sri Lanka!

It's wonderful to read all about the activities of the OBU UK. I have found your web site quite interesting and informative! It was great to meet several members of the OBU UK when I visited the Wesley College camp at the 2002 Festival of Cricket at Shenley Cricket Ground on August 26, 2002.

Keep up the excellent work!

And all the very best in your endeavours!

Regards & Best Wishes,

Yohan Ferreira

September 28th 2003
12:12:44 AM

great school great people great site ora et labora


September 17th 2003
01:15:41 PM

Look forward to hearing from someone.

Roger Christiansz

July 1st 2003
02:28:59 PM

Hello there all you old Wesleyites in Old Blimey. France sends its greetings.
I would have written earlier if I had found this website. Here we are.
I will get together all those other old Wesleyites and send you details of their whereabouts here and in the rest of Europe.
Greetings to Rama, Theva, Wimal,Hariharan, Totatola, Cader,
Raymond,Sentil everyone in fact. The young the old and the very old old boys.
Lets keep in touch. I have three years left before I go back and muckrack.
Take it easy.
Keep us informed of all the happenings.

peter christie

May 30th 2003
05:11:11 AM

Great way to connect past and present students! Keep it up!

M. Fazal Kamaldeen, Lord of Loddington

May 28th 2003
01:02:27 AM

Great !!!

Wesley to the fore..

Murad Careem

April 26th 2003
10:59:57 AM


I guess this is one way of meeting each other.

Hey! I also maintaining a web site dedicated to our school. Check-It-Out guys


Shazly M. Makeen


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